Volumetric Flow Meters

We perform, at our laboratory, the calibration of volumetric flowmeters (differential pressure, venturi, etc.) in the range of 5 Sml / min - 50 Sl/min. The calibrations can be carried out with the following anhydrous gases: air and nitrogen. The flow rates indicated are expressed at the actual temperature and pressure conditions of the measured gas.

he volumetric flowmeter calibrations are carried out in our laboratory at controlled temperature and humidity conditions in the following ranges:

  • Laboratory temperature: 23 °C ± 1 °C
  • Humidity: 30 / 70 %

The calibration of the Volumetric Flowmeters is performed by comparing the sample flow measurement with our primary standard flow rate, according to the calibration method defined in the calibration procedures stored at our calibration laboratory.

We perform the calibration of Volumetric Flow Meters from 3 to 10 calibration points between 5/10% and 100% of the measuring range of the device under test (DUT) with a minimum of 3 repetitions of the calibration test, up to 5 repetitions of the calibration test.

At the end of the tests, a calibration report will be issued containing:

  • Sample flow rate under actual temperature and pressure conditions of the measured gas
  • Flow rate measured by the Dry Piston Flowmeter in calibration expressed at the actual temperature and pressure measurement of the measured gas
  • Calibration coefficients and average calibration coefficient for calibration tests performed
  • Calibration uncertainty expressed as extended uncertainty of the calibration coefficients resulting from the tests performed
  • Environmental conditions during the calibration process
  • Reference to the procedures and the metrological chain used in the calibration process.
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